Semi-Permanent Nails, Perfect Solution For Women On-The-Go!

The semi-permanent nails are becoming more and more popular these days, especially to women who do not have time to regularly have their manicure groomed. These semi-permanent manicures are essential for women who are always on-the-go. In fact, this is one of the most requested manicures in nail spas and beauty salons because of its characteristic of prolonged duration without the worry of it harming your natural nail.

Benefits Of Semi-Permanent Nails

However, even though the Uñas semipermanentes or semi-permanent nails promise practicality, there are still others who are in doubt of this new technique. So to help you decide whether to give this a go or not, here are some benefits that you should know:

  • The semi-permanent nails look a bit brighter compared to the traditional manicure. The color also remains intact because the nail polish will only be removed once the nail has grown. This new manicure technique is considered versatile because you can design it however you like. Whether you want to make it glow in the dark, or make the color change with temperature, or even mixed with digital decoration.
  • Longevity And Resistance. Using this new technique, your nails can last for more than 15 days. This is why it is the best manicure option for women who travel for longer periods of time or those with a hectic schedule and do not have time to have their nails done. Usually, the glaze will last for a very long time depending on how fast your nail grows. In fact, it can last for two to three weeks, and for some, even longer.
  • Quick-Drying. Semi-permanent nails use a nail polish that dries up quickly. Many women have suffered from damaged manicures just minutes after their nails are done. With the semi-permanent nails, you can instantly get back to work because once your nails are placed under the UV lamp, the nails come out dry immediately.

DIY Semi-Permanent Manicure

Some women are thinking that semi-permanent nails are difficult to deal with. They prefer going to the salon to have their nails done. For sure sitting in the manicure chair can be a pleasant and relaxing experience, but if you have the proper tools and instructions, you can have this manicure done at home.

For you to do this the right way, you need high-quality semi-permanent polishes, a special base, top coats of your choice, and a good UV lamp. Just like in the salon and nail spas, you need a UV lamp for your nails to dry faster. When you do it yourself, you get to choose the right color for you and experiment with shades too. You can either wait for your nails to grow it out or remove it and change the nail polish. Now you should be aware that removal can be tricky. Unlike the traditional nail polish that comes right off after wiping the nails with acetone soaked cotton pads, the semi-permanent nails may take about 10 minutes to soak off.

Semilac Semi-Permanent Glazing

If you want to do your semi-permanent nails at home, check out different nail polish from that you can use from Semilac. The nail polish can stay for up to 21 days and you have a wide range of colors to choose from and let you create unique manicures. It has impressive resistance to mechanical damage which makes your nails grow healthy and long.