Compensation of employees – What benefits are available?

When requesting compensation for the employee, there are several types of benefits an employee can request. The experience of an employee compensation lawyer can provide the necessary information to determine the benefits that are most applicable to the unique situation of the victim.

When a worker is paid, medical care, death, various levels of disability, physical deformity, professional and rehabilitation activities, and salary compensation are usually the main categories of benefits.

In particular, the main benefits include:

  • Reasonable medical attention to treat and / or alleviate the effects of work-related injuries.
  • Death benefits for surviving family members.
  • The benefits of temporary disability (TTD). These benefits provide compensation until the injured worker recovers from the injury and cannot work.
  • Benefits of temporary disability (TPD). These benefits are paid when the injured party recovers from the injury, but can also work part-time or for a lower salary during the recovery and rehabilitation period.
  • The benefits of disfigurement. Benefits are paid if the affected part is permanently disfigured around the head, face, neck, arm or other specific parts of the body. The experience of a lawyer in compensating your employee can be especially useful in cases of deformity.
  • Vocational rehabilitation benefits are paid when the victim cannot work because they participate in an approved vocational rehabilitation program.
  • Benefits for wage differentials are paid when the injured party must accept a lower-paying job, since the injuries received will not allow them to return to their previous job.

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Other benefits, including single payments, may also be available, and an employee compensation attorney can help determine the specific benefit or benefits that an injured worker can claim.

Depending on the personal situation of the injured party, other benefits may be available, in addition to the employee’s compensation. These may include social security disability benefits and union disability benefits, as well as private insurance compensation. Your worker’s compensation counselor can also advise you on possible claims for injuries you may have on your case.

Determining the benefits to which you are entitled can be difficult, and an experienced compensation counselor can help you understand the different options. Hiring workers’ compensation maitland fl lawyer to help you with a lawsuit from the beginning is a wise decision that will help you in this process.