Blessing for less fortunate children

The children are very innocent flowers who should be showered with great love and care.  But not all the children are blessed so. There are many unfortunate children who don’t have financial assistance to have a better medical treatment for their health issues. Fortunately these children are not cursed to live such a lifestyle as there are many charities to help them out. This article is also about one such charity which has extended their hands for all the needy children all over the world.

Sick kid’s foundationMariyam Dawood

This foundation is a dedication for all the helpless children all over the world. This foundation is being serving endless number of children by providing them the best medical support. This foundation is engaged in providing the best mental and physical treatment for all the children who are in need of it. This foundation is funded by the great Mariyam Dawood and her family. They are engaged in improving the medical facilities to international standards; so that they can provide the best treatment for the helpless children without any constraint. Thus, the sick children from any part of the world can contact them for better medical help.

Making future

It can be said that this organization is not engaged in making healthy children but they are intended in making healthy future for the society. This is the reason why they are receiving funds from various sources throughout the year. And this is also a great secret behind their success in running this foundation.