What is copper oxide? Why is it very useful? Find out here

People are not very keen on discovering things in science, however, there is a distinct compound that is being used for many applications, this is the copper oxide or what they call as the cupric oxide which is an inorganic compound that has the formula CuO.

Its physical appearance is usually a black solid matter that is known as the two stable oxides of copper while the other is known as the Cu20 or the cuprous oxide. As a mineral, it is mined and also a precursor of the copper products and chemical compounds that are produced through mining.

Since it is a significant product of mining copper, the copper oxide is also used to produce copper salts which are used for preserving wood while cupric oxide is used as a coloring pigment for ceramic materials and items. It can produce the colors red, blue, and green and there are instances it can produce gray, black glazes and pink.

copper oxideIn agriculture, it is used as a dietary supplement that is mixed in animal feed because of its low bioactivity. In other industries, it is used for welding by using the copper alloys which is why copper is a soft kind of metal that can be easily bent and cut.

If there is only a single atom of copper bonds with an oxygen molecule, it is called as cupric oxide while if there are two copper atoms that bonds to a single oxygen atom it is named cuprous oxide which is the fully oxidized type of copper or the active state of a copper.

Copper oxide, cuprous oxide, and cupric oxide contains minimal amounts of iron and most of the time it does not contain anything at all, however, it can react easily with oxygen. This is because copper oxidizes over time in order for it to form a substance that protects the metal from corrosion which is called green patina which is why it is a well-known anti-corrosion material used in many industries.