Do self covid testing swab test at home by taking nasal swab

The person who has symptoms of covid 19, they might need to get tested immediately. This test usually examines the presence of real hereditary material of virus. If you are covid positive, you should take some timely action to self-quarantine and obtain the proper treatment. In fact, it is one of the most accurate as well as most reliable tests for evaluating the vigorous infection present in the body. However, getting tested for covid 19 is more compulsory, if you are travelling to the specific states. Even each state has unique requirements and rules for taking RT-PCR test.

Recently, the ICMR said that it has approved one such kit known as CoviSelf for a purpose of home testing. With this kit, you can do self covid testing swab at home without any presence of medical expert. They also provide you details on how to perform this test and only nasal swab is needed for this rapid antigen testing. This test is only approved for non-prescription home usage with the specimens of collected nasal swab from the persons who have aged more than 18 years older or with adult collected samples from persons who have aged two years or older.

Recommended for covid testing swab at home

The covid swab testing is only recommended for symptomatic individuals and instant contacts of laboratory confirmed positive cases. The covid testing swab at home is normally done by own as per the method described by pharmacists. After taking this test, the entire symptomatic individuals are suggested to follow the home quarantine and take care of themselves as per the ministry of health and family welfare and ICMR protocols. In such advisory, they said that this must not be utilized comprehensively. Only those who have symptoms must choose for this home based swab testing.