Why are mobile games very popular nowadays? Check it out here

Everybody has their own small electronic device that they always carry on their pockets or inside their bags, and that is the smartphone regardless if it is an Android or an iPhone, but both sure packs a pretty neat specifications knowing that a lot of phone and electronic brands are upping up their phone line specs because of competition giving more and more innovative features to their customers which also paved the way for mobile games to tremendously improve a lot.

Which is safe to say that more and more people are getting hooked up with different mobile games nowadays compared to what it was in the previous years which contributes a lot of significant positive impact in the world of mobile gaming.

Before mobile gaming was only a mere gaming platform that only offers few gaming genres which mainly focuses on kid-friendly games, however, you might notice nowadays that there are already huge tournaments with huge jackpot prizes at stake.

mobile gaming industry

This alone, you can safely say that making calls is not just one of the main reasons why people love their smartphones, because of mobile games as well. In this article from https://game-hits.com/, you will learn some important reasons why mobile gaming is totally awesome and why a lot of people loves it.

  • You can play anytime and anywhere- You can use PlayStation Vista, Nintendo Switch, and other portable gaming consoles, but mobile gaming enables you to play online alongside other players, compared to the mentioned gaming consoles where you can only offline or if you have a Wi-Fi connection. Knowing that smartphones can connect through data or a network, you can easily access your favorite online mobile game anywhere and anytime such as pubg, mobile legends, which goes the same as playing offline games. Mobile gaming lets you play video games whenever you grab your phone which means that you can play it most of the time compared to playing a console or a computer where you have to sit and turn it on at a specific place.
  • You can connect with people you know- Mobile gaming lets you connect with family and friends knowing that finding a quality time to spend with your family is not that easy nowadays especially when you are distant to each other literally. In fact, recent statistics said that there are around 85 percent of children only spends less than 15 minutes to bond or talk with their parents while the rest spends around two hours a day which means that family ties are getting weaker if you based it on statistics, however, through mobile games, there has been a study that shows that families that play mobile games together as some sort of recreation or activity show that they spend more time together compared to those that don’t especially when they teach their kids about Pubg tutorial. It may seem not too convincing knowing that everyone is focusing on their phones, but this just may be the new way of family bonding.
  • Very bright future of mobile gaming- The popularity of mobile gaming is flourishing and very huge, which means that it has a bright future ahead of it knowing that the prevalence of mobile gaming has actually grown so much that a lot of tech experts identified it as a valuable gaming platform knowing that it holds a lot of promise, profit, and popularity to millions of gamers around the world. The best evidence would be the cash-rich international tournaments held all over the world for the past few years, the in-game transactions that profit gaming developers millions of dollars which proves that gamers are very willing to pay and spend money for playing games compared to social media. This means that the mobile gaming industry will grow, will improve and will stay longer as you might think not to mention modifications such as the Pubg mobile hack IOS, Pubg mobile wallhack, Mobile Legends hack, cheat Mobile Legend and the Pubg mobile hack will improve the gaming abilities of gamers.
  • Mobile gaming is considered a new gaming console- Apart from PlayStation, Xbox, portable gaming consoles, and computer, mobile gaming platform is now considered as the new console for gaming as more and more mobile phone brands are beefing up their smartphone models by applying technological ways to improve its gaming capabilities, so expect that smartphones in a few year span that it will even up the performance of your favorite gaming consoles, not to mention the different ways to improve your gaming like the Mobile Legends tricks where you can improve your skills and become a pro gamer.