Pricing is yet to be confirmed as there are many adjustments which are still in work

The regular and efficient layout is very important to meet the primary concerns of the architect and developer. The concept of space and themes for various families will be a highlight in the amber park. The cultural melting pot is widely famous for its signature rows of conservation shophouses. The amenities and commercial options at are filled in the marine parade along with some of the shopping malls. The traditional malls are designed to be self-sufficient with the required amenities. The Singapore sports complex will include the sports facilities with many sports options operated by the members. There are many adjustments which are still in work so the pricing is yet to be confirmed. You can get the required information from our sales team if you complete the registration and stay tuned for updates.

Launch the new projects:

The property holdings at have become very popular in the estates along with the major businesses in Singapore. The freehold status in the amber park is considered to be very rare in Singapore. The historic significance in the amber road is considered to be one of the reasons for this address. The history of Singapore can be imprinted with the tragic events in the location. The redevelopment in amber park location is not available for all the sites with a similar price. The developers are planning to launch the new projects at a higher price from the next year. You can enjoy a strong following in a private residential enclave which is established in the amber road area. The Singapore residential market has included the most significant investment deals in recent years.

 Avenue South Residence

Multiple unit types for visiting:

There are many popular primary schools in the amber park to provide importance for the residents. The iconic landmark will be taken into consideration by the original developer of amber park. The pricing at a selling price can be developed as per your expectations by adding marketing and legal costs. There are multiple unit types for visiting at show flat of the amber park if the visitors are interested to go for a long walk. The plot ratio per square feet should be close to the land rate to work out the purchase price of the amber park. The construction costs can be expected with the best efforts based on the estimates. The owner of the website must ensure that there will be no damages and claims.